Jad Morris

Harnessing the Power of Local Networks to Drive Business Success and Community Development

Hello, I’m Jad Morris, and today I’m diving into a topic that is both a passion and a cornerstone of my business philosophy: leveraging local networks to foster both business growth and community development. As an entrepreneur deeply embedded in my hometown of Peoria, Arizona, I’ve experienced firsthand how powerful local connections can be. Let me share some insights on how building strong local ties can benefit your business and the community simultaneously.

The Importance of Local Networks

Local networks form the backbone of any community-oriented business strategy. They consist of businesses, consumers, local government, non-profits, and other community members who interact and support one another. For a business like mine, which aims to protect and educate people about financial integrity, the strength of these networks is invaluable. They provide a foundation of trust and mutual support, crucial for building a reputable and sustainable business.

Building Trust Through Community Engagement

One of the primary benefits of engaging with local networks is the trust you build—not just in your services but in your brand. When community members interact with you through local events, workshops, or local business meetings, they get to know you as a person, not just a business owner. This personal connection fosters a deeper level of trust, which is particularly important for my business, Ascended Wealth Creations, where dealing with sensitive financial matters is a daily occurrence.

Amplifying Impact Through Collaboration

Another significant aspect of leveraging local networks is the potential for collaboration. By partnering with other local businesses and organizations, you can amplify your impact far beyond what you could achieve alone. For instance, I collaborate with local schools to provide financial literacy workshops and with community centers to host seminars on preventing financial scams. These partnerships not only extend the reach of my business but also contribute to community education and development.

Strategies for Engaging Local Networks

Participate Actively in Local Events

Participation in local events, whether fairs, markets, or charity events, is a fantastic way to engage with the community. These events offer an opportunity to showcase your business, educate the public about your services, and demonstrate your commitment to the community’s welfare. Every event is a chance to listen to local needs and preferences, adjust your offerings, and even create services tailored to the community.

Support Other Local Businesses

Supporting fellow local businesses is crucial. This can be as simple as using local suppliers, dining at local restaurants, or hiring local services. But it goes deeper than just where you spend your money. It’s about creating a supportive business environment where local businesses uplift each other. I often refer clients to other local professionals when their needs are outside my expertise, and they do the same. This reciprocal relationship helps all of us thrive.

Foster Open Communication Channels

Open lines of communication with other local business owners and community leaders are vital. Regular meetings, whether formal or informal, allow for the exchange of ideas, concerns, and opportunities. In Peoria, I’m part of a local business forum that meets monthly to discuss how we can collectively contribute to economic and social aspects of our community. These discussions have been invaluable for understanding broader community needs and how my business can serve better.

Benefits of a Strong Local Network

Enhanced Business Growth

The referrals and word-of-mouth promotion generated through active participation in local networks can significantly boost your business growth. For Ascended Wealth Creations, local endorsements have been a key driver of new client acquisitions, more so than any traditional marketing strategy.

Stronger Community Ties

Businesses that are active in their local networks often enjoy stronger community ties, which can be a lifeline during tough economic times. During the recent economic downturn, the support from the local community was instrumental in navigating the challenges. People prefer to support businesses they feel are part of their community fabric.

Greater Satisfaction and Fulfillment

There’s a unique satisfaction that comes from knowing your business is making a real difference in the lives of people in your community. This sense of fulfillment is a powerful motivator, making the hard days a little easier and the good days even better.


In conclusion, harnessing the power of local networks is not just about driving business success; it’s about actively participating in and contributing to the development of your community. For entrepreneurs, these networks can be the most valuable resources. They provide not just economic benefits, but also the joy and satisfaction of contributing to the community’s well-being.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your local connections, remember that the strength of your network can very well determine the health of both your business and your community. Here’s to building strong networks and stronger communities!